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ECTACO Azeri <-> English <-> Russian Partner AzER430T

Price: $269.95

Category: Talking dictionary
Language pair: English<->Azeri, Russian<->Azeri, Russian<->English
Azeri<->English, Azeri<->Russian, English<->Russian
Vocabulary: 650,000 words
Size: 4.6 x 3.5 x 0.6 in
Weight:4 oz
Battery Type: 2 x AAA batteries, included
PC connection: Yes

Considered to be one of the most important and flexible tools for use in the CIS countries, the AzER430T has proven itself to be the standard-bearer in handheld language solutions. Offering both English and Russian Speech synthesis, this fully-integrated language tool is one of the most versatile and adaptable high-performance communication devices available anywhere. The award-winning Vector Ultima™ trilingual spell-checking system is especially useful when dealing with exchanges between Latin, Cyrillic and Azeri alphabets and is just one of the features that have helped keep this sophisticated device at the top of its field.

Effective learning curve

  • American QWERTY keyboard, Russian standard and phonetic keyboard layouts
  • Trilingual interface
  • Additional military dictionary
  • English and Russian speech synthesis in the dictionaries
  • Over 1,100 commonly used and emergency phrases grouped into 12 topics for easy daily communication
  • Award-winning Vector Ultima™ trilingual spell-checking system
  • Advanced searching
  • New words recording function will allow you to customize your dictionary

    Added functionality

    • English/Azeri/Russian personal organizer for scheduling and telephone numbers, equipped with search function comply with highest industry standards
    • Built-in metric and currency converters are indispensable tools for the business traveler
    • AC adapter, data protection system, PC-link

    For complete information on this model, please refer to the instruction manual available in PDF format.

    In addition to the electronic dictionary itself, included are two replaceable batteries, a carrying and storage pouch, an extra CD with supplementary software applications and the user’s manual.

    PLEASE NOTE: ECTACO Partner AzER430T is available for pre-order only.

    Price: $269.95

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