Main areas of TransSoft activity

Our company translates English and Polish documents of any degree of formality. We can translate informal brochures, leaflets and informative texts, but also we may provide translations stamped by Polish official sworn translators for legal agreements and similar types of documents.

Moreover we translate technical documents, our forte are the Internet, networking and computer software/hardware topics. We translate on-line help and tutorials provided in text or html format as well.

Our most recent translation projects include:

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Localizing applications and web content

In the world enmeshed in the Internet, there is a growing trend for culturally and linguistically localized web content. Today's most popular sites strive at providing information to the surfers of different nationalities. Our company is facilitating tailoring your WWW site to the needs of Polish customers.

Many proprietary production systems whose market is narrowed to very specific customers (banks, factory production controlling systems, ERP, CRM etc.) transplant their software to Polish to extend their markets.

TransSoft's major purpose of existence is making the process of migration of your software to Polish as easy as possible. Our translators work in very close cooperation with programmers in order to control the effect of the localized product at each stage.

We have experience in localizing the following elements of software:

Topical range of translated software

If you want to get a free cost assessment of your localization project, send us a request for localization cost estimate.


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